Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Yesterday's Ruminations

The summer has been fine - y'know - occasionally mounting various women, but the end of August means September and all the shit starting again. The Academic.
It was fine, once I'd levered the charred remains of the handle from the bottom of the pan with an ice-axe. The Mountaineer.
Art - an unopened parachute that you didn't pack yourself.
The painting part of the day went well - hours of solid progress.
I liked that.

jim the collector?


  1. This one and everything that I have thus far read are all that, Kevin. The day to day existence of an artist and student of the arts. Thoughts, motivations, courageous attempts both great and feeble. Man, I could go on Kevin. In a word you're graceful. Thanks for sharing these with me. Botched

  2. Mr Botched ... beyond feeble is brilliant, but through feeble first. My thanks for 'graceful' and your gracious comment. KJ