Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Given time Yesterday

Drunk many-many with BR. and ML. and for the first few drunk, we talked as normality prescribes.  Beyond that, the real drunk tuned in.
What were we like as adolescents; and yesterday, why we are there drinking then, the consequence of the common hell of our being pubescents together in an alien world of adulltry. (deliberately no 'e' even although adding an 'e' would make no odds)
All men become old men in pubs and we are and we could see it in our faces, watched it happening drinking around us and about to, given time.

'What a pretty women', I thought 100 times on the way home; the young oriental lady with the silver buckled shoes, of the blonde wearing specs in white pants.  Folk were aware that I look and write as they are wary, preen-hostile, when they see a draftsperson drawing or camera pointing.  Look.  A looking weirdo!
‘Freak’ some eyes dart alarm, 'don't portray me as a weirdo’.

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