Saturday, 14 August 2010

13th yesterday (Friday)

WHILST 'sharing' tea and a snack with Living on this Isle painting; thought that 'facts are fine, but interpretations are the problem.'

Don't shoot the messenger is fair enough, but it is the messenger who fails and not the medium.

Ruminating on that, mixed a complicated eau de nil then garnished with alizarin.

Black eye develops nicely under brow in spreading gorgeous bruise shades - prussian plus a touch of black, transparent base, carmine - edged out with white, dab of carmine again and chrome yellow. I would wear sunglasses to obscure my awful visage, but summer's yesterday here is dreary and dull and I'd bump into the architecture and suffer more damage.

Decide that my black eye is your problem not mine.

Google-translated texts for hours and set to reading The Tempest. Pondered on Caliban / Taliban post-imperialist guilt analogy and puneries.

R. goes to Morocco today (today) and we could have drunk to her departure but each too cross to. The Academic wonders if she thumped my eye - then wondered quietly aloud, some friend, that she didn't thump both of them.

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