Thursday, 26 August 2010

yesterday done with

The month is coming together

Sourced good frames and pleased by that, relieved I don't have to make them.  Met C. on his huge bike as I crossed the wet road through jammed traffic.  Stood in the rain brolly and helmet domed swopping summer's news and phone numbers.
The Living on this Isle paintings are there.  They looked 'happy' on the studio wall and I can see nothing more to do to them.
My black eye has gone and quicker gone than I'd have thought.  The black line drawings, still holding me safely still in crosshatching complexities, crawl on in spare contemplative hours, and an end is in sight to the tyrannies of this August yesterday blog series.
D. wondered at the 'discipline' of a daily post and by that he thinks the effort mad.
A few forms filled; eyed up jpegs to format and fees to pay, and the month is run.
Drafted a blah-blah artist's statement which will have to be good.  So-so so far.

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