Thursday, 5 August 2010

about yesterday

A single purposed Wednesday of printmaking that made no prints but produced more printing plates to be printed.

Flapped about with stencils preparing proofing paper with painted background colour and left the lot to dry.

The Sentence of the Day had to incorporate the word 'plethora' and I practised with plethora of no panache before snapping out of it, and looking to the competition gave plethora best. Opened a bottle of wine, entered LA and I for Salon Art Prize online (hello Photoshop my old software mucker, pal, partner in crime, brill fiend friend from hell) and while paying entry fee, marvelled at my finances.

Midweek and not half through the program. There are paintings calling to be moved that linger nagging on hold. Wednesday was the 'why?' day and it felt whyish from start to finish.

palm print proof peeled off press and pinned

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