Sunday, 15 August 2010

Saturdays aren't yesterdays

or properly a day at all.

Dreary computing shopping cleaning accounting, calendar and rain.  J. to arrive here on Monday from mountaineering trashed and heavy with gear, and another J, HM the author was to come over later that evening for a 9 p.m. intimate, bottle, seminar, gossip and cackle.
I don't know how to square that ... can't cancel one and don't want to postpone t'other.  I have to plan a jaunt with god-daughter E. (11), and the old-lags from the alma mater are circling for a beer or several while it's summer quiet.  Huh, don't they know that while it's 'quiet', I'm busy doing a year's work in the studio - the only uninterrupted non-drinking time I get to have is Ramadan and when the trade is on holiday and the two coincide this year.  Family and Friends - who needs them!
'misery curmudgeon, you can't put that last in'
'sure I can, it's online only'

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