Monday, 2 September 2019

Picture Postcards

COUNTERPOINT started as an entirely notional pitch of a project that to my surprise and sudden consternation was selected for inclusion in 'ero-tic II', Bologna, in February 2019.  The paintings I had made for the exhibition were rejected which was a pity considering that they did exist, whilst the then still notional 'Picture Postcards from my Personal Porn Blog' didn’t, and which I had one week plus a day or two, to make from nothing and scratch before the shipping deadline.
At the exhibition, I was asked repeatedly, "Do you have a pornblog?"
I didn’t, but whether 'yes / no', to that question was not quite the point, or so I had thought.  Now though, with this post, perhaps I do have a blog with porn.

ero-tic II had this curious brief :

ERO-TIC is an artistic research on the erotic imaginary that orbits, ticking, between the two extreme poles of eroticism: “erotomania-TIC” and “erotogenic-TAC".
From "fucking automatisms" to a complex Pindaric flight that tends towards the harmonious embrace between physiological thrusts and sensual satisfaction.
An intricate aesthetic path led by the moods of artists Daniela Novello, Patrizia Novello, RUFOISM (Marco Perroni) and Nicola Villa.

I didn't understand the brief then, and haven't made much progress understanding since, but it was wondrous to be invited and to be exhibiting in Bologna during the Arte Fiera.
Of the four core artists, only RUFOISM featured overtly sexual imagery.
He, myself and two of the other guest artists skirted about the sleeze.