Wednesday, 26 January 2011

wired pen, palm and asemics

Not writing

but, painting palms ...


and asemic(s) ...

With More Wonder from Kevin Jackson


  1. I am teaching myself copperplate at the moment... but I think I might pass my efforts off as asemic instead...

  2. I was hunched over my drawing board yesterday, grappling with copperplate, and I thought to myself 'I bet Kevin could do this without even trying'.
    Then you write this post. I've looked up 'Asemic' and I am indeed inspired.

  3. ! I had to look up 'copperplate' ! I etch on copper plates (or used to) hence copperplate printing, so got in a tangle. Your 'copperplate' was the classic script the old engravers would use when adding title etc. to copperplate prints, engraving in mirrored reverse. Which I'm sure you know better than me. Chapeau M. Le Burin.
    Gosh, good for you Scarlet. Nib pens and pencraft was not my strong suit, and now I can barely write legibly at all ... at least can't read my notes, sooo, I am impressed! Keep at it. You've posted some before, no? Post more, your hand will be perfect I know it will.
    K x

  4. Ms S. Your hand IS perfect.
    Copperplate hangs off the 'line of beauty' - is that right, or am I confusing duty and beauty, copperplate and dishwashers?