Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I awoke with excitement.  It’s the 28th of December, morning, 2010.  I woke with relief. 
It’s another UK shopping Holiday and New Year to come but really, it’s over. 
Peace reigns.  I turn off the alarm, wake again to the snooze, turn that off and slept again untroubled for the first time in . . .  how long? 
Since well before Christmas. 
Well, since before Christmas started in November or was it October? 
I calm a reflex panic twitch. 
Who and what have I missed, where should I be, taking what to-whom wrapped bulky and clinking, to-where travel and what to buy on the way?  Lifted all that stress, forgotten. 
The cards for overseas, for the land mail, by hand tramped locally, online, the presents, the shopping, all that food, wrapping paper, the wrapping - all done. 
If not done, too late and will never be done now. 
I can start to enjoy Christmas at last and it's been a good one.  I snuggle down and doze. 
The Virgin and Christ know when He was born, but what a labour His birthday bestowed.  Happy Christmas 2011! 


  1. Happy After Christmas!
    The snow has gone and we are left with the fog.

  2. Very happy After Christmas, and to you Miss S!
    Sorry about fog, s'pose you had to let nice snow digging man go if it's not too thick - meaning fog.

  3. Are you okay, Mr Kevin?
    I hope the New Year is treating you well.