Tuesday, 6 September 2011

re-title  'the last days'

re-title.com banner

I am leaving re-title.com.
I’ve no evidence that anyone visited my re-title.com page - ever.
No more shall I be listed re-titled in oblivion - a paying but spurious ‘inventory’ item. I won’t be there should anyone be looking.

What did I expect?
Did I expect gallery curators, lovers of the arts, investors, art-consultants and critics to review my re-titled oeuvre and be wowed, wooed, and clattering my cyber door-knocker?
Yes, I suppose I did.

This, as I was aware of at the outset, is a quite unrealistic hope.
Equally unrealistically, I’d hope to win the lottery by purchasing a ticket. I may as well have expended 2 years-worth of re-title fees in buying lottery tickets and might have reaped more reward.
It’s a hoping conceivability.

Am I bitter?
No, but I’m leaving re-title and separations are never straightforward.
De-re-titling my cyber facade is no simple matter. The re-title.com logo and link is bedded in this blog, my website and across my social networks.
Each one must go.

I wonder, while I paid for the listing, ‘whether more people linked to re-title.com through me than the other way around.’
Well, bitter-me!

until 15 September . . .
re-title.com banner



  1. I looked through it... and I pinned you on Pinterest, but that's probably not quite the same...

  2. darling Ms S, thank you for the pin-up. If only I'd known. That and re-title's panicky or generous offer of a 10% discount to continue might have swayed me to stay.


    no, no-one ... seems it's me, re-title, my dwindlin' credit status and you, and I dread news of your incarceration for loitering with intent to blog.

    All re-title savings will be re-deployed to your bail-fund. kx

  3. "i don't even know if this is going to work,because i'm not very bright Kevin. i think that i do this and then press post comment. but then it says to choose a profile and that's where everything starts to get a little fuzzy." "...and then what happened?" "well, when i woke up, i was here. am i dead?" "no, you're not dead but you're gonna die." "that's botched." "yay. are you okay with that?" "resigned." lol

  4. alright let's see... ha i think that i'm getting the hang of it. i'm going to try something else. four score and seven years ago... that's not what i meant ha. okay, i'm ready to brave the virtual elements digital as they may be... why won't it just let me say, botched! hey, you know what would be cool? we could do an interview here. of course, i'd have to write the question and and yes, that's it, you could answer them blindly! na that won't work i'm smarter than me... and wouldn't be long before the gig was up. anyway here goes.

  5. What I want to know is what happened in the 'missing' 4 hours and 3 minutes between 01:58 and 06:01... you know, the who knew what and when did they know it classic botched questions.

    I see that I've maligned re-title in writing above that they offered me a 10% discount when it was a more generous 20%, and steve@re-title.com was kind enough to add that 'the works published on your (my) page seem consistent with our (their) platform', which may be so, but did me no good.

    I wish re-title well. In straitened times, re-title.com can ill-afford to lose revenue and I can't justify expenditure without return.

  6. expenditure? return? what the hell do you expect?! we're 90% off... lol well botched is... i'm cheap and i'm stupid. it's the foolish part that costs money. ha hey Kevin. there's a smile for you on my page. as proof. peace man. from a venomous dog

  7. You're right Venomous! those with jobs and those without jobs, never understand that artists don't get paid for working.