Saturday, 17 October 2009

This state of affairs

I've been pondering a blog post for ten days or so. 
I haven't posted for ages and 'the pressure' is getting to me. 
Blog Blank.  No Blog.  Blog guilt! 
Can this be true?  Can I really be stressing out on this? 


'This state of affairs' I think, 'is not good.' 
Reviewing my jottings over the last weeks they reveal lists of 'to do'-s, and moans. 

Moans about avatar and atavar. 
What are they?  Which to use?  When and Why? 
Am I the only one who's confused? 

'The lure of digital.'
There's a lot of inconclusive moaning about that - is digi the revolution that the mass production of paper was?  That sort of thing. 

What happens when the power cuts off, if it will, if we let it, if we . . . but I don't want to blog moans, I'm not in a moany mood. 

I like Scarlet's refusal to raise the white flag, and N, O Bestbelovéd, the white flag .gif is the one I want. 


  1. I'm probably still waving the white flag.. but in private!
    Blogs eh? They start off as jolly good fun and then mutate into instruments of self torture.

  2. hmmm . . . just like the real thing then?

  3. OH S---!
    I'm going to have to re-think the WHOLE thing now.
    And I thought . . . ah, I see.
    Fooled again.