Sunday, 3 May 2020

Getting a Handle on Things

Spring blossoms are blowing away, or washing soggily down the drains.  The Covid-19 discarded gloves look less striking now the sun hides away and become merely squalid.  I'm getting the hang of a hermit's existence.  My apartment is the way I like it and 'it works'.  No need to consider visitors, or missing girlfriend estranged in distant inaccessible Europe.  I've spread.  The neutral areas are mine, all the table, all the bathroom, all . . . well, all of it.  A normality has established itself so quickly, and at such a cost that I’m scared of the old normality returning to disrupt us all over again.  I can’t imagine what a new normality might be like. 


  1. My new normal seems to be 24/7 news.
    Take care, Kevin, and stay safe.

    1. HeyHo Ms S, staying in like crazy here, crazy staying in. You Keep spirits high and lashing out at the news is the only thing that keeps me fit. Kx